Kinder Kicks

Building healthier kids with parent and child activities

Team Kinder Kicks

Kinder kicks is a learning curriculum that combines the discipline and fitness of Martial Arts, with life skills and values that your family shares. This unique program allows for parental involvement, together with your child you will engage in activities that will not only create resilience and awareness, but will also help strengthen the bond between parent and child. Parents and children are introduced to characters known as ‘THE REMARKABLES’, who along with mum or dad, will help teach the kids about TRAFFIC AWARENESS, SELF CONTROL, CONFIDENCE and much more. Through focused discussion, stories and demonstration, skills such as cooperation, following directions, sharing and taking turns are developed.

Jumping Joey

The Jumping Joey program is designed for both parents and toddlers to bond through physical activities. This curriculum is designed to explore basic social skills, increase physical strength, flexibility and coordination by using introductory martial art skills and fitness concepts.

Leadership Lions

The leadership lions program is designed to encourage a positive attitude towards physical exercise through basic martial arts techniques and fitness concepts. We encourage independence and help prepare children for kindergarten. Parents involvement is required for some of the class.

Class Timings:

9:30am – Jumping Joeys
10:30am – Leadership Lions


Team Taekwondo
592 Sydney Rd
Coburg Vic 3058
Telephone: 03 9939 3953
Mobile: 0408 437111

PLease Note:

Class sizes are limited
so bookings are essential.