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Team Taekwondo has been in operation since 1992. Head Instructor Matt Murat Eryurek (6th Dan Black Belt) Team Taekwondo is affiliated to Taekwondo Australia. Murat Eryurek has represented Australia and Victoria and achieved 4 times national, 3 times University National, 7 State titles, NCAS, World Taekwondo Federation, 6th Dan Black Belt and Taekwondo Australia Certified Master Instructor. In 1994 Team Taekwondo commenced classes in the Coburg area. It started at Coburg Town Hall and moved into Coburg Leisure Centre in 1995. In 2004 Team Taekwondo progressed into its own place on the corner of Sydney Rd and Bell St. With over 172 members we outgrew our location. We leaped into a more spacious and appropriate club - only 300 meters south of 377 Sydney Rd Coburg on top of Vinnie's Fruit Stall. in 2013 we moved into our brand new state of the art centre 592 Sydney Road Coburg! Our members range from as young as 3 years to mature adults. We are a very diverse club, catering for various fitness levels, whether it is purely for fitness or competitions. Team Taekwondo is a recognised Olympic sport, as we expand so will our athletes. We want to provide this opportunity for them.


Preparing For Life & Taekwondo

3 - 5 Year Little Dragons

Striving for Black Belt

5 - 14 years old Taekwondo
15 - 18 year old Taekwondo
19+ year old Getting Fit with Taekwondo

Athlete Fight Club

Recreational Taekwondo
Sports Taekwondo

Poomsea Club

Sports Taekwondo
Elite Black Belt Taekwondo

Just Fitness

Self Defence
Elite Black Belt Taekwondo

Fun & Thrill

Boot Camps
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Jai Manoharan

When did you Join Team Taekwondo?
What Current Belt are you Now?
3rd Dan Black
Winning the Malaysian Open in 2009 and getting
my 3rd Dan with my Aunty and friends.
Why do you love Coaching?
To share my experience and passion for the martial art and hopefully raise future taekwondo and life champions. It is a great feeling and accomplishment to see students achieve their goals, whether it be attaining their next belt or making the Australian team!

Melissa Rigo

When did you join team taekwondo?
I joined Team Taekwondo in 2007 when I was 12yrs old.
What current belt are you now?
I am currently a 1st Dan Black belt.
Getting my black belt. It was a long journey filled with challenges but with the support and encouragement from both Coach and my peers I was able to overcome it all and finally achieve my black belt.
Why do you love coaching?
I love coaching because I get to share my knowledge, experiences and passion for taekwondo with the next generation of students.

Jonathon Willox

When did you join Team Taekwondo?
What current belt are you know?
Black belt 2nd dan
Winning gold at the national championships and fighting for Australia are good, but I think waking up at 6:30am every Saturday to train is pretty tough to beat.
Why do you love coaching?
I've achieved a lot and experienced many different things through Taekwondo, and I only wish to give back everything I've learnt to the kids I coach, and it would mean the world to me if one day one of my students was able to achieve more or reach one step further than I ever could.

Matisse Mazzone

Taekwondo has been a huge part of my life since I first walked up the stairs into the centre above the fruit shop just 4 short years ago. I've made lifelong friends, learnt extremely valuable life lessons and unsurfaced who I am as a person. Taekwondo has allowed me to gain a large amount of confidence which has helped me throughout my day to day life. I'm now 18 and Taekwondo is my workplace, my training centre and my home.

Patrick John Baviera

My name is Patrick John Baviera, I am 18 years old and was born in the Philippines. I joined Team Taekwondo in 2007. My current belt is 1st Dan Black Belt. A highlight with Team Taekwondo is when I went to Indonesia, China and Hong Kong for a Taekwondo trip. I love coaching because it teaches me to be respectful to others and it teaches me to be role model to my students and peers.

Maria Kambouris

My name is Maria Kambouris, and I am 17 years old. I started as a white belt student at Team Taekwondo at the age of 7, and still going, I am a second Dan black belt. I coach students and I love it. Till now I still enjoy practicing taekwondo. Taekwondo has given me many opportunities; you experience fun time as well as learning respect and discipline. It has been amazing being a part of the taekwondo family and learning both the sport and traditional sides of this martial arts.

Kevin Cheong

When did you Join Team Taekwondo?
I joined Team Taekwondo in 2001 at Coburg Leisure Centre.
What Current Belt are you Now?
I'm a 2nd Dan Black Belt
Watching my teammates reach their goals.
Why do you love Coaching?
Watching students progress into better athletes and better people.

Madeline Shoebridge

When did you join team taekwondo?
I joined team taekwondo when I was 8 years old in 2006
What current belt are you know?
Dan two black belt
Dedicated and always try hard
Why do you love coaching?
I love coaching because I love being able to share my love of skills for taekwondo to beginners.