Athlete Program

Athlete Program

Team Taekwondo has a long history in raising athletes into the Australian National teams. This has been possible by a student’s perseverance, family trust and coaching programs. Team taekwondo athlete program is designed to build you for competitions and life. You will experience wins, losses, happiness, tears in a safe positive environment. Each student that is yellow 3 and above 7 years old is encouraged to take up Team Taekwondo athlete program.

I. Junior classes Thursday 6.35pm – 7.25pm
II. Senior Classes Saturday 3.15pm -4.30pm/ Friday 6.00pm [for selected athletes]

These classes are also backed by camps at club, interstate, and international competitions. The purpose of Team Taekwondo athlete program is to best prepare athletes for local, state, interstate and international levels. How do you join? Simply turn up to a class above and register to train. Training and development will be the key to next steps. Our office staff and athlete coaches are on hand Thursday nights to take any queries.

Over the next 4 weeks we will be drafting new athletes that are committed to giving 100%. Don’t be shy simply come down, watch, have a go and join Team athlete program. It will only cost $20 more per month for additional classes, programs and ongoing on and off court management, accreditation, access to Stat , national and international network, provision of coaches and staff at all events and Team Taekwondo support for athlete to achieve personal goals.

Our club is committed to developing athletes for the future.

Athlete Program